Choosing an Acupuncturist

When choosing your acupuncturist, please take note of the fact that the state of Ohio allows doctors and chiropractors to have a license to practice acupuncture with only 300 hours of training!  Unlike this requirement for doctors and chiropractors, people only trained in acupuncture are required to complete a master’s degree program with minimum requirements of more than 870 minimum hours of clinical experience providing treatments to patients; that also includes a requirement to see and treat at least 350 treatments total.  And that is just the hands on, treating patients under supervision aspect of a master’s degree level of training…  If you have received acupuncture from someone with less training, you might not actually be getting real acupuncture.

“Dry Needling” is another practice legally allowed by physical therapists in some areas that is passed off as acupuncture.  Just because someone is legally allowed to poke a person with acupuncture needles doesn’t mean they are trained in how to do so safely and to create a healing experience.

Please choose wisely when choosing a practitioner.  Our acupuncture practitioner has received a full masters’ degree level of training at our clinic.  We encourage you to maintain the same standard when seeking help from this modality.  Please visit our Practitioner Bios page to learn more about the individual training and education of our practitioners.

Please be aware that there are alternatives to needles for those with a fear of needles–magnets stickers can be used alternatively to needles to stimulate the points instead of needles.  For instance, we usually use magnets with younger children, infants and babies.

No one is turned away at this practice due to financial limitations or hardships.  Please don’t let finances be the impediment to you finding the healing you need.  At our practice, we try our best to embody the principle that health care is a right, not a privilege.

As a result of this philosophy, we always offer a sliding scale for acupuncture treatments of $35-$75 per appointment depending on what our patients can afford.  That is not an invitation to pay us what you want, but we trust that our patients will support us and be as generous as they can afford to for the premium care they will receive.