Janis Gain LPN, Reiki Master

Janis Gain, Reiki Master
Janis Gain, LPN, Reiki Master

Janis Gain LPN is a Reiki Master of two different systems of Reiki:  Usui and Practical/Kundalini systems of Reiki.  Janis offers Reiki treatment and attunements in either or both systems of Reiki at Lorenzo Holistic Health Center.  She has been a practitioner of Reiki since her attunement 20 years ago.  Janis has been a nurse for 43 years.  Janis is also a graduate of The Silva Method. She studied methods of meditation and self development with a shaman and a guru.

After 17 years working as a nurse, starting her career at the Cleveland Clinic, Janis herniated a disc in her back lifting a patient.  In an attempt to resolve her pain, Janis had 3 back surgeries each following herniation again of the disc.  Though they managed to keep her functional enough to stay off of pain medications, she was never pain free and the relief never lasted very long.  After her doctor recommended a 4th surgery, Janis began her in depth search for alternative ways to heal her pain.  She found Reiki, the Sylva Method, and acupuncture via a meditation group she frequented and decided to give these methods a try.  Within 6 months, she was pain free.  She is still largely pain free today and uses these modalities to maintain a state of health and live a pain free life.